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  • 2019 Peach Harvest Update

    Good News! The 2019 peach season is almost here! 

    The peach harvest has been delayed a few weeks due to the rainy/colder weather in Colorado that we all have experienced. For a while we were all wondering... "Is this Seattle?"

    However, the peaches are looking great. We are expecting another great season. Most years we experience a good frost or some hail that will thin out our trees but this year we had to thin them out by hand! We prefer to do this ourselves as we can make sure each peach has the nutrients and space needed to become the huge, delicious, mouth watering peach that we are all accustomed to. 

    Earlier this season Coralena Watts captured a great pic of the large buds! You can check her Instagram out at @cora_lena_

    We have opened our online store where you can order a full or half box and get free delivery around the front range (Denver and surrounding). We debuted the delivery service last year as a tester and it became very popular. Get some friends and share a delicious box from our western slope! 

    Order My Palisade Peach Box

    *We will start hand delivering boxes toward the end of this month after the first harvest! 

    Hope you all had a great 4th of July! Hope this peach love finds you well. 

    -Palisade Peaches-