Freeze of 2020

Just to add another crazy/unfortunate event of 2020... we had three nights that hit below freezing in April with one of the nights reaching a record low of 19 degrees. Unfortunately most of the crop was damaged and lost. 

Assessing peach bud damage: Using a razor, peach buds can be dissected vertically and examined to assess damage. Damaged peach buds will have varying degrees of brown coloring towards the center. Any significant browning will indicate the bud will not flower and will not produce a peach. 

What this means: the crop will be small and very limited. We will be doing our best to get peaches into houses. We will keep you all updated on crop quantity.

We just opened up a pre-order, with a first order, first receive system until we do no have any more fruit. Please be patient this year and understanding. There is a great chance you pre-order a box in May/June but don't get it until mid-late peach season (mid August/September) because of the low crop numbers. 

We will continue to assess the damage to the different sections of the orchards and let you know as we get more information.